A woman who works tirelessly to house refugees in York has been recognised with a Community Pride Award.

Emma Greenall has been named Public Sector Hero, sponsored by City of York Council.

For the past seven years she has been working with refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine, in her role as Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Support Worker at City of York Council.

She organises suitable housing for the refugees by talking with landlords and the Refugee Council, then identifies their needs, connects them with the community and schools, and commits to being a point of contact and support to them for a period of years.

Emma said: “I feel that I put myself in the shoes of the people I am working with.”

After receiving the award, she praised the “good people” of York for welcoming refugees to the city.

Emma said she was “elated” to be given the recognition for her work.

She said: “I am honoured to be part of it and accept this award on behalf of the good people of York.”

Award host ITV presenter Kate Walby added: “She demonstrates a deep level of care and works tirelessly to meet their wide range of needs.”