A DRIVER has had their car seized after being caught on their phone at the wheel in North Yorkshire.

Police in Scarborough say that on Friday (September 23) they stopped the driver of a black Ford Focus.

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A force spokesman said: "We know that a certain phone company used the phrase "It's good to talk." However, last night, it wasn't the best time for one driver in Scarborough to make a call. 

"The driver of this black Ford certainly wasn't paying attention to his surroundings, with his call being cut short by the blue lights of PC 1142 behind him. 

"Attention to detail was the downfall of the driver as he appeared to be disqualified and therefore shouldn't be on the road.

"The two balding tyres sealed the fate of the car, which is currently sitting in the impound yard, and the driver will be counting the cost of his call. Further enquiries are ongoing, which may result in further penalties. 

"Maybe call a taxi next time?"

York Press: The car had two balding tyres The car had two balding tyres (Image: The car had two balding tyres)