A MUSEUM in York featured on a popular BBC programme last week - and team members said it was a "real pleasure".

The Yorkshire Air Museum in Elvington on the outskirts York has featured on BBC One’s Bargain Hunt programme, highlighting the achievements of a Yorkshire inventor dubbed ‘The Father of Aviation’.

Aristocrat Sir George Cayley, who lived near Scarborough, created the world’s first working flying machine, a glider which flew down a valley at Brompton on Swale in 1853.

Cayley’s work inspired the Wright Brothers in America, who used his ideas when constructing the Wright Flyer – the world’s first powered aircraft in 1903.

The Yorkshire Air Museum has a replica of both the Cayley Glider and the Wright Flyer in its main hangar.

Bargain Hunt presenter Danny Sebastian came to the York museum in May to film a segment about Cayley and his work.

He interviewed the museum’s communications manager Jerry Ibbotson, who explained the principles of flight that Cayley developed.

Jerry said: “It was a real pleasure to welcome Danny and the crew here. They were very interested in the work of this Yorkshire pioneer of flight, who is often overlooked in comparison with the Wright Brothers.

"They filmed the interview underneath the Cayley glider, which hangs from the hangar roof. Hopefully the Bargain Hunt audience will be inspired to learn more about George Cayley, as well as the work of the Yorkshire Air Museum.”

The episode centres around two teams grabbing bargains at a sale at Wetherby Racecourse, before taking them to auction. It aired on Friday (September 22) on BBC One and is now available on the BBC iPlayer.