A popular food festival has returned to York today (September 22).

York Food Festival has transformed Parliament Street into a market, with stall holders coming from all over England.

This year, St Crux Hall hosts additional stands - overall there are more than 80 stands throughout the festival.

The festival opened this morning and runs to Sunday, October 1.

York Press: York Food Festival has openedYork Food Festival has opened (Image: Dylan Connell)

Organisers say it promises a celebration of "gastronomy and community vitality".

The Press called in to the fair shortly after it opened and spoke with some of the stall holders - some have been coming to the fair for over 10 years.

Michelle Cordon was manning the In Your Face stall, selling focaccia bread stuffed with Italian fillings.

York Press: The In Your Face stuffed focaccias The In Your Face stuffed focaccias (Image: Dylan Connell)

York Press: The In Your Face teamThe In Your Face team (Image: Dylan Connell)

She is from Wakefield and has been coming to the festival for 13 years.

“We just love York – it’s our favourite place,” she said.

Another familiar face at the fair is George Welton from Brown and Blond.

York Press: George Welton from Brown and BlondGeorge Welton from Brown and Blond (Image: Dylan Connell)

York Press: Brownies by Brown and BlondBrownies by Brown and Blond (Image: Dylan Connell)

He too has been coming to the fair for 13 years.

The business sells brownies and is now in Leeds but started off in York and is still popular with the city’s residents.

“We have got a really loyal customer base in York,” said George.

York Press: Stewart Collier at Sticky Chocolate's standStewart Collier at Sticky Chocolate's stand (Image: Dylan Connell)

More sweet treats can be found at Sticky Chocolate, who have come to the fair from Blackpool.

Employee Stewart Collier said: “It’s a good market, we normally sell out.

“We’re excited for the fair ahead.”

York Press: Sticky Chocolate's cookiesSticky Chocolate's cookies (Image: Dylan Connell)

Tessa Copley was manning the Rose Cottage Pantry stand this morning.

The Driffield business makes handmade, traditional pasties and its pork and Stilton dish was providing a favourite among customers this morning.

York Press: Tessa Copley at Rose Cottage Pantry standTessa Copley at Rose Cottage Pantry stand (Image: Dylan Connell)

 “We always do this market and we come back for Christmas too,” said Tessa.

There is also plenty of drink at the fair. Some is provided by Malton Brewery, which has become known for its Yorkshire Pudding beer.

Harry Kinder from the brewery said the fair had attracted customers with stout proving to be a top seller.

York Press: Harry Kinder at Malton Brewery's standHarry Kinder at Malton Brewery's stand (Image: Dylan Connell)

“People like the dark stuff,” he said.

The brewery’s Yorkshire Pudding beer took centre stage on the stall.

“Some people are intrigued by it and some people are disgusted by it,” said Harry.

York Press: Kebabs on offer at the festivalKebabs on offer at the festival (Image: Dylan Connell)

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At the festival's core lies the 'Food Factory' where visitors of all ages can indulge in cookery workshops, free of charge.

There is also live music in aid of St Leonard’s Hospice, with two stages – the main stage in the Entertainment Marquee in Parliament Street and a new acoustic stage in the York Gin enclosure in St Sampson's Square.

York Festival director, Michael Hjort, said: "We want to run an event that celebrates local talent and is run by and for the York community.

"The world is full of food festivals these days - what's different about York is that it's not a couple of guys off TV and a market brought in from anywhere."