POLICE have been out in force teaching young drivers a lesson in North Yorkshire.

On Monday (September 19) North Yorkshire Police set up vehicle check points marked up on roads around the Scarborough area for engagement and education. 

Scarborough’s Neighbourhood Policing Team six, were at the sixth form college in Sandybed Lane to deliver education for inexperienced drivers and riders, those who were starting out on their first driving lessons and those who hadn’t reached for the keys and were happy to be passengers. 

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Using “beer goggles” to simulate the effects of alcohol, officers say the students were invited to try to work their way through puzzles which would have been easier without impairment.

They said some found this to take them three to four times longer than without the goggles on. They described it as a fun method to raise awareness of the more serious message about using drink or drugs prior to driving.

Police say that 20 per cent of drivers, crash within a year of passing their test and newly qualified drivers with a car full of passengers of a similar age are four times more likely to be in a fatal crash, compared to when driving alone. 

Later, through the evening, Neighbourhood Policing Teams nine were involved in stop checks with the Road Safety Team on streets around Scarborough, Eastfield and Filey. 
Tyre treads, speed and lights were among the things checked, with some drivers given further education. 

TC Alison Hoyle of North Yorkshire Police’s Road Safety Team said: “The engagements during the stop checks were very positive. Drivers have understood the reason for the checks and have taken the advice onboard.” 

In Scarborough, vehicles were stopped on Royal Albert Drive, which is one of the busy roads used to bypass the town centre. 

PC Sophie Milner from Scarborough’s Neighbourhood Policing Team, who was involved with the campaign said: “Whilst I was on the operation , I was approached by a member of my community and thanked for the work that we were doing. The person has been concerned about the behaviour of some of the drivers in Scarborough and thought the checkpoints were a positive way to engage with drivers.” 

Officers said the work in Scarborough is part of a national campaign and during this week, (September 18-24) police forces around the country are co-ordinating in operations to protect vulnerable road users.