A woman from North Yorkshire has spoken of the gruelling work that went into her TV debut.

Caitlin Krause has appeared on Ice Cold Catch, which airs on 5Action at 9pm tonight (September 19).

The 29-year-old from Nawton Beadlam, between Helmsley and Kirkbymoorside, took part in filming for the show from 2021 to 2022.

Ice Cold Catch is set in the Arctic Ocean north of Iceland.

York Press: Caitlin with the Ice Cold Catch crewCaitlin with the Ice Cold Catch crew (Image: Caitlin Krause)

The show challenges contestants to work as a team on a longliner boat in very difficult conditions to catch large Atlantic Cod.

They are tasked with catching the highest number of fish which translates into big money for everyone involved.

The rookies must pass a challenging three-week trial and impress their captains and crew mates to be awarded a place on board the ship through the high season.

York Press: Caitlin on board during the filming of the showCaitlin on board during the filming of the show (Image: Caitlin Krause)

For Caitlin, she was drawn to the show due to her love of fishing which started when she was living in Texas with her dad.

The former Ryedale School pupil spotted an advert for the show on Facebook and decided to apply.

York Press: Caitlin with one of the Atlantic Cod fish that she had to catch on the showCaitlin with one of the Atlantic Cod fish that she had to catch on the show (Image: Caitlin Krause)

Caitlin got the call informing her that she had been successful when working abroad on a super yacht.

After jetting off to Iceland and boarding the boat, she worked in shifts of eight hours on and eight hours off for three weeks at a time with a week’s break.

The job at hand seen the team catch, gut, and hook the fish – some of which weighed 75lbs.

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As a 5ft 2in woman working alongside big Icelandic men, Caitlin said bringing the fish in was something she struggled with.

York Press: Caitlin with some of her catchCaitlin with some of her catch (Image: Caitlin Krause)

She also had to deal with cameras being in her face for most of the day and had problems with getting to sleep due to the boat’s constant rocking.

“It was the most gruelling job of my life,” she said.

But Caitlin explained how she was determined to get through the struggles to prove she was as strong as the much larger men.

York Press: The boat Caitlin was on for the showThe boat Caitlin was on for the show (Image: Caitlin Krause)

In the end she made a five figure sum from her catch.

The show has already been aired in America, Canada and Iceland, and fans have taken to Caitlin’s direct messages on social media to praise her efforts.

Many have hailed her as a “badass”.

Despite the hard work involved for the show Caitlin said: “If they were to get in touch with me I would do it again.”

York Press: Caitlin on board the boat in IcelandCaitlin on board the boat in Iceland (Image: Caitlin Krause)

After a long wait, she said her family and friends are excited to finally watch her on screen.

For Caitlin, however, she is back working as a private carer in Ryedale and will be on shift this evening during the showing.

In total there will be 13 episodes of Ice Cold Catch on 5Action.