THE father and son behind an award-winning York chippy travelled 6,500 miles to the Japanese capital to serve up 10,500 portions of the nation's favourite dish.

David Miller and his son, Nick own Millers Fish & Chips in Haxby and have just returned from Tokyo where they have been part of an annual British fair.

Nick says it's the fifth such event the business has taken part in, acting as ambassadors representing the UK food industry.

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York Press: Nick and David hard at workNick and David hard at work (Image: Millers)

"Our offering is authentic and traditional as we can make it - we export and ship all of our products like: our Haddock, batter mix, packaging, uniforms over there before we arrive," said Nick.

"We flip a coin to see who has to take the greaseproof paper 5,000 sheets - in their bag on the plane," said David.

"It's me and dad single-handedly cooking every portion of fish and chips - we do up to a 1,000 portions a day, so it's quite an achievement," said Nick.

"We have an agent out there and each year we are based in a department store - they are huge, like Harrods.

York Press: Nick and David Miller with their team in Japan, Aya, Shunji and SogiNick and David Miller with their team in Japan, Aya, Shunji and Sogi (Image: Millers)

Nick said: "It's such an honour and a great experience, and often it's the same customers and they remember us. We have been out twice this year and we plan to go out twice next year.

"We treat it as a working holiday and we have a great Japanese team out there."

York Press: The fair was held in a 350-year-old department storeThe fair was held in a 350-year-old department store (Image: Millers)

The pair said it's not without its pitfalls.

"One time our batter mix got lost in a typhoon," said David, "so we had to go to food shops and make it up from scratch in a hurry.

"The people queue to get into the department store ahead of it opening at 10am and as soon as the doors are open they run up the escalators to get in line and queue for the British Fair."

York Press: People queuing for MillersPeople queuing for Millers (Image: Millers)

Nick said: "We wouldn't go if we didn't enjoy it and we wouldn't be able to go without the team in Haxby who we know we can trust and do a great job.

"We couldn't do it without our Haxby team and the community in Haxby supporting us - we are extremely grateful that they expect the best from us and that's what they get."

The fair has been celebrating the very best of British produce for more than 50 years and is an opportunity for Japanese shoppers to immerse themselves in British culture.

The popular event takes place for seven days with in excess of half a million visitors attending.

Millers were joined at the fair by a large pool of British exhibitors offering everything from scones and sausage rolls to people who have worked on the Harry Potter films.

York Press: The pair treat it as a working holiday - here's Nick pictured at the Tenryu-ji Temple in KyotoThe pair treat it as a working holiday - here's Nick pictured at the Tenryu-ji Temple in Kyoto (Image: Millers)