MORE than 25 arrests have been made during a new police operation in the East Riding of Yorkshire - aiming to shield communities from harm and distress.

Operation Shield was launched by Humberside Police on Monday (September 11), with 20 warrants already executed, 27 arrests made and 16 people charged for various drugs offences.

Over the next three months, the operation will aim to deliver a surge of extra resources and focus on clamping down on crime in hotspot locations, with officers ramping up their work to identify suspects involved in a whole host of crimes.

This includes burglary, robbery and antisocial behaviour, as well as protecting vulnerable people by targeting sexual offenders and perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Warrants will continue to be carried out with officers proactively seeking and arresting criminals and seizing any illegal items such as drugs and weapons, to disrupt and dismantle organised crime groups linked to drug related offences, county lines and violent crime.

Specially selected teams form Operation Shield, with detectives, officers and staff from CID, Protecting Vulnerable People, Neighbourhood Policing Teams, Roads Policing, Patrol and Major Crime all involved in a bid to detect and deter criminals from every angle.

Chief Constable Paul Anderson said: “Operation Shield will be relentless in pursuing and targeting criminals who bring distress and harm to our communities over the next three months, with the work in the last four days alone testament to our commitment and dedication.

“Operation Shield is building on the firm foundations of Op Galaxy, an operation which was established in 2019 and successfully reduced and disrupted those committing criminality across our region. However, for this intensive period of enhanced action, the team has been expanded and has much more resources available and dedicated teams to tackle a wide range of criminality.

“We will be making the lives of criminals very uncomfortable and our message to those involved in criminality is very clear - your actions will not be tolerated and we will find you and ensure you are held accountable for your crimes.

“We are committed to keeping our communities safe and the difference that our officers will make throughout the month will have a long-term impact for the people that live in, visit, and work in the Humberside area.

"We will always do everything we possibly can to identify and arrest those who have committed crimes across the Humberside force area, to ensure our residents feel safe and protected and justice is achieved for any victim of crime.”

Humberside Police officers always encourage anyone to report any offences to them so they can build the bigger picture and take action.

Anyone can provide information to the charity Crimestoppers completely anonymously on 0800 555111 or on their website.