North Yorkshire has some of the UK’s finest fish and chips restaurants but York has been named as one of the most viral cities for the seaside cuisine, according to TikTok.

The social media app is the place to go when it comes to looking for new recipes to try and locations to visit across the region.

Taking a seed list of some of the most occupied cities, as well as some of the most popular staycation destination spots in the UK, the team at Betway set out to discover which cities reign as the best spots to enjoy a classic fish and chips.

To do this, the experts picked the chippy with the highest rating and also the highest number of reviews (if there were many with the same rating) for each location before ranking each town or city, using different factors including the number of monthly UK searches and the amount of vegetarian and vegan options.

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York is the UK's third most viral city for its fish and chips offering with 919.6 million views for “York fish and chips.”

TikTok’s top 10 most viral UK cities for fish and chips

The top 10 ranking from Betway including each city’s total of TikTok views is below:

  1. Newcastle - 6,000,000,000 views
  2. Leicester - 1,100,000,000 views
  3. York - 919,600,000 views
  4. Southend-on-Sea - 785,700,000 views
  5. Brighton - 769,200,000 views
  6. Birmingham - 768,200,000 views
  7. Nottingham - 768,100,000 views
  8. Blackpool - 768,100,000 views
  9. Bath - 767,600,000 views
  10. Sheffield - 759,600,000 views

The study found that Newcastle is the UK's most viral destination on TikTok to tuck into some fish and chips, as the city has amassed 6 billion views for “Newcastle fish and chips.”

You can see the full methodology online.

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The Magpie Café named among UK's best fish and chip shops

The Magpie Café in Whitby was recently featured in the ‘18 of the best fish and chip shops in the UK’ list by The Times and was described as “the quayside queen" by the publisher's reviewer.

They said: “I didn’t want the Magpie to be the best chippy in Whitby yet again.

“Such was my determination to dethrone a restaurant that celebrated its platinum jubilee in 2009 that I sampled fish and chips from four other outlets in the town.

“It was all for nowt, though, because none came close to the quayside queen.

“The wine is terrible, the stairs steep, the floorboards creaky and the rooms like a funfair haunted house, and the restaurant menu is longer than a phone book — more in hope than expectation that someone will order anything but their fabulous beef-dripping fish and chips.

“But maybe one day try the “Woof”. “Is it a dogfish?” ask customers. “No, it’s a catfish,” grin the waitresses — and it’s true. Cod and chips £11.95 (”