A BRAND new art trail has been created at a York university in honour of the city's most famous duck.

In 2023, the University of York turned 60 years old and lost one of its most famous alumni - Long Boi, a tall duck who was much loved by staff and students on campus and far beyond.

The mallard Indian runner cross, who became a viral hit on social media for being unusually tall at 2ft 4in, was presumed to be dead in May.

Heartbroken fans took to social media to say farewell to York's most famous duck.

Fans of Long Boi, who once quacked live on Greg James’s Radio 1 show and inspired a line of merchandise, said: "Long Boi of York, king of all ducks and longest of bois.

York Press: Long Boi was sadly presumed dead in MayLong Boi was sadly presumed dead in May (Image: Supplied)

"Nations across the world mourn his passing amid uncertainty over whether humanity will ever again bear witness to a boi as great and long as him.”

In his early days, Long Boi spent time near the Department of Biology - and the university said he is very much part of the family on campus.

A new Long Boiology art trail celebrates the longest duck on the lake and the "outstanding" research and education that goes on in the department. Long duck silhouettes decorated by staff and students highlight the key themes of 'Better Health, Green Futures and an Education that Empowers'.

York Press: One of the art installations included in the displayOne of the art installations included in the display (Image: Supplied)

Art has been part of the university ever since its inception 60 years ago. Over the decades, the University Art Collection has grown to encompass over 900 artworks including works by internationally acclaimed artists such as Barbara Hepworth, Sidney Nolan, Keith Vaughan, Aubrey Williams and many others.

In January 2022 the University appointed its first art curator and a new era began for art on campus, opening up the collection to visitors and interdisciplinary collaborations. The university sculpture trail features 15 sculptures on Campus West and welcomes students, researchers as well as the public. New exhibition spaces are being developed and students are encouraged to become actively engaged with art on campus.

York Press: Long duck silhouettes have been decorated by staff and studentsLong duck silhouettes have been decorated by staff and students (Image: Supplied)

The Students' Union launched a campaign with the goal of £10,000 to commission a bronze, life-size statue in memory of their beloved Long Boi, following requests from students and the wider community.

The Union set a donation tier system, which meant that if only £1,000 was raised, the money would be donated to a charitable cause within the University, and up to £2,000, a memorial bench with a plaque would be installed instead of the statue.

The donations shot through the first two tiers and the Union has raised £4,000. The students' union has pledged to donate any excess funds to good causes within the university.