HOUSEHOLD waste recycling sites in the East Riding of Yorkshire have recorded their highest ever rates.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council said more is being recycled, reused or composted at all 10 sites than ever before – and that’s all thanks to residents sorting their bags of waste.

Visitors are encouraged to pre-sort their mixed waste before arriving or visit a bag sorting table on site so more items can be placed in the right recycling skips and less go into general waste. 

The scheme was trialled at the Driffield Household Waste Recycling Site in April 2022 and was quickly rolled out to all the sites.

In June, the Driffield site recorded a 91 per cent recycling rate – its highest ever result. 

Rates have increased at all sites this year, with Pocklington also recording 90 per cent for the first time.

Councillor Paul West, the council’s portfolio holder for environment and transport, said: “The recycling rates being recorded at these sites go far beyond what we expected. 

“I want to thank to people in the East Riding for supporting our bag sorting scheme."

The average recycling figures across all sites for April, May and June this year was 84.93 per cent compared with 81.63 per cent last year.