A YORK MP has branded plans for a new games bar in the city centre as "disgraceful" following a community meeting with residents.

York Central MP, Rachael Maskell, has slammed the plans submitted by Roxy Leisure to create a new Roxy Ball Room in Stonebow House.

It was announced last month that the city centre venue would feature a range of indoor competitive socialising activities for guests to enjoy, alongside a premium drinks and food offering.

But, Rachael Maskell said that the plans have been submitted with "no thought to the impact that the venue could have on local residents, community groups or bus users".

Ms Maskell said: “York must stop granting licences to the owners of venues that are not in the interests of residents and the city, but instead build a family-friendly city that everyone can enjoy.

"Now that we have a new administration, I am hopeful that the values of the Labour Council for good jobs, putting residents first and taking a public health approach to all policies will kick this application into the long grass.

“Many very vulnerable residents live in this area and will be directly impacted by the venue. They have shared their fears with me and even the thought of this venue arriving is causing much stress in the community. This area of York is increasingly becoming a residential and community area of York, with more housing planned at Hungate.

York Press: Plans have been submitted to open the Roxy venue in Stonebow House in YorkPlans have been submitted to open the Roxy venue in Stonebow House in York (Image: Newsquest)

"It is disgraceful that Roxy Leisure has failed to engage with the community and has not conducted risk assessments for the impact that their venue will have on these communities.

“I am writing to Roxy Leisure to request a meeting. I want to put it to them that there has been no thought as to the impact that the venue will have on local residents, community groups or on bus users. This type of venue is simply not wanted in York and I hope the council send Roxy Leisure packing.”

The Roxy Leisure team said it is passionate about opening a site in the "beautiful, historic" city of York as it has a rich hospitality and nightlife scene from restaurants, bars and tearooms, to theatres and cutting-edge art galleries.

Roxy Leisure’s commercial manager, Joel Mitchell, said: "York is a vibrant city, with a diverse range of hospitality and leisure businesses. The licensing application is the final step for us to hopefully open a gaming hall for the city and bring our unique range of competitive socialising games."

Previous plans to open a Roxy Lanes venue at the vacant site in St Mary’s Square in the Coppergate Centre were submitted in August 2021. The company put in an application to be granted a premises licence for films, recorded music indoors, late night refreshment and supply of alcohol.