A former toilet block in North Yorkshire will be converted into a holiday let - despite objections and concerns about rubbish disposal.

The conversion of the property on 21 Clarence Place, Whitby, which was also formerly in use as an office, was approved by the council on Thursday, August 10.

The flat-roof structure has a single entrance door and “a limited number” of high-level windows.

No parking will be provided due to the absence of curtilage, and waste has to be stored within the building.

North Yorkshire Council’s environmental health team said that the “bedsit appears to have minimal facilities” and “would not be adequate for residential use” but can be used as holiday accommodation.

No objections were raised by the Highway Authority which said that there are public parking facilities in the vicinity.


However, Whitby Civic Society raised concerns about the conversion leading to a loss of workspace “in the core of the town” and noted that “rubbish generated will inevitably be placed outside”.

A member of the public also raised concerns about fire safety during the public consultation, asking: “Having no windows to escape from, how would you be able to evacuate the premises if there was a fire?”

Rubbish collection was the major concern for planning officers who noted that there had previously been a dismissed appeal for its conversion to a dwelling where “the sole issue was that of refuse disposal”.

Information submitted by the applicant suggested that rubbish would be removed between lettings.

However, officers questioned whether the plan would be effective in the case of longer stays, stating that guests “could generate a significant level of refuse – takeaway containers, beer cans, food wrappers etc – and it is not compelling that the suggested method for disposal of refuse would be successful”.

The planning authority concluded that it would approve the conversion but would not allow occupancy of the site until the applicant devised an appropriate scheme for rubbish disposal and collection.