A PASSENGER has described her shock after a snake was spotted on a train between Shipley and Leeds

Sophie Johnstone boarded her train on Saturday afternoon to the sounds of people shouting in the carriage. 

She thought it was "just standard Saturday aft Shipley line people heading into town liveliness" until she went to take a closer look.

"When I saw it I thought, my god it’s really long and pretty colourful," she told the Telegraph & Argus.

"I don’t love snakes. There were a couple of women stood on seats as the snake was underneath their seats. To be fair if it had come my way I’d be on the seat too."

The passenger tweeted a photograph of the orange coloured snake near the carriage’s door with the caption, "OH LORD there is an actual SNAKE on this train."


In another post, she said: “Chaotic scenes on the Shipley to Leeds train. Snake moves. Carriage moves.”

Sophie said the snake was collected by the RSPCA at Leeds station. 

The snake on a train prompted a large reaction on social media. 

One joked: "I thought they only travelled by plane?"

Another said: "It’s trying to see what stop it’s at - someone help him or he’s might not get home."

One person said: “I would lock myself in the toilet…”

Someone else wrote: “That’s a corn snake! I used to have a pet one. They’re perfectly harmless and will run away and hide to avoid all confrontation rather than attack (and they’re not venomous). They’re excellent escape artists and can squeeze through the tiniest gap, so can be easy to lose.”