A BURST pipe that left "horrific" smelling sewage running down the street outside a nurse's home for weeks has been fixed.

Yorkshire Water confirmed it had carried out the repair at the weekend and would be reinstating the road shortly.

Gloria Egan, 66, a nurse who lives in School Terrace, Brafferton, north of York, spoke to The Press last week to say the pipe had burst six weeks ago, but Yorkshire Water had been unable to fix the issue.

She said she feared for the safety of children at nearby St Peter's C of E Primary School, who she claimed could be walking through the effluent before going to classes.

Gloria, a mum of two and grandmother of three, last week said: "The smell is horrible. It is effluent, you can see it. It stinks. It is all over the path.

"I have to walk through it coming into the house. It's a health issue and the smell is horrific.

"I'm not paying my water bill this year, put it that way."


Gloria added she was worried about pupils at St Peter's C of E Primary School, which is located in School Terrace.

But on Monday (July 10) Gloria confirmed that after she had spoken with The Press, Yorkshire Water had been out and had fixed the leak.

Gloria said: "I’d like to say thanks to the workmen who quickly resolved the drain problem two days after I contacted York Press.

"The day after it was repaired we had torrential rain which would have caused a major outpouring of effluence if it hadn’t been repaired.

"It’s lovely to be able to use the facilities without worrying about this - thanks also to York Press."

Yorkshire Water had earlier said it had initially been refused a permit to fix the damaged sewer by the local authority because of other work being carried out in the area.