A public opinion poll for the upcoming Selby and Ainsty by-election predicts a landslide win for Labour in what is traditionally a safe Conservative Seat.

At the last General Election in 2019, Nigel Adams held the seat for the Tories with a 20,137 vote majority, gainging around three-fifths of the vote.

However, a poll from JL Partners predicts a slump in support for the Conservatives.

The Pollsters surveyed 502 people between June 26 and July 2 and weighted the results to be representative of the constituency.


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JL Partners puts Labour on 41% (+16% on 2019), which if turns out to be true, will mean their 25-year-old candidate Keir Mather will become the youngest MP in parliament, the 'Baby of the House.'

The survey reports Conservative support has more than halved, dropping 31% to 29%, suggesting Conservative candidate barrister and East Yorkshire councillor Claire Holmes will not be taking over from Nigel Adams.

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Third place is David Kent of the Reform Party on 8% (up 8%), followed by Liberal Democrat Matt Walker on 6% (down 3%), local councillor Arnold Warneken (Green Party) 6% (up 3%), and local councillor Mike Jordan of the Yorkshire Party on 4% (up 1%).

The other candidates have 6% between them, according to the poll.

Polling Day is Thursday July 20.