Bar Convent is due to display artwork by young people in York inspired by the city's heritage landmarks.

Charity New Visuality has worked with the young artists, age five to 15, in Bar Convent's archives to help reimagine York's heritage for a new exhibit named, COLOUR!

York Press: KnipKnip (Image: Evie Rose Wood)

The artists were briefed to visit heritage sites in York, take photos, and use AI technology to help create digital masterpieces.

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An exhibit of their work, funded by City of York's Micklegate, Clifton and Westfield council wards will be displayed in the Bar Convent Living Heritage Centre from July 7 to September 23.

York Press: Hippopinkimus Hippopinkimus (Image: Alfie Wood)

Charity co-director, Alis McGee, said: "We always love coming over to Bar Convent Heritage Centre with groups of young people.

"Many of our young participants initially report that heritage and culture are just not for them, for one reason or another.

"The warm welcome they receive as soon as they come here helps dispel that notion, and it’s our job, as a visual charity, to build on the groundswell of enthusiasm and encourage creative responses that we can then exhibit.”

York Press: EgneroEgnero (Image: Grace Wood)

The work on display includes ‘Bar Convent Overgrown (with pink)’ by Ethan Wood, ‘Beatles’ by Rosie Measor, and ‘Lava In The Sky’ by Phoebe Everard.

Co-director Greg McGee added: “Heritage without innovation is just history.

"This project has brought so much joy to our young artists and is a microcosm of what Bar Convent continues to do so well, which is to intersect tradition and technology. The future is indeed bright.”

York Press: NeergNeerg (Image: Ella Everard)

The exhibit continues in Bar Convent's garden, where an outdoor sketching space with easels and drawing materials will be created, for encourage visitors to take inspiration from the Bar Convent and create their own artisitic interpretations.

Dr Hannah Thomas, Bar Convent's Special Collections Manager, said: "We are thrilled to be involved in this wonderful project that has enabled us to host these amazing and talented young people.

York Press: The Minster and PollenThe Minster and Pollen (Image: Isla McGee)

"The purpose of sharing our collections and history with the public is to preserve the legacy of our house and to celebrate the lives of those who changed the course of history. The younger generations are custodians of this legacy.

"Many young people feel that museums are not for them, and perhaps have a perception of them being boring and dusty places. With the fantastic work done by New Visuality, we can begin to change that idea, and show that heritage is for everyone.”

The new display is included in admission to the exhibition. Last admission is 4pm.