A York school has taken the decision to close after a burst pipe flooded a street nearby. 

As reported by the Press, a burst pipe lead to a stretch of Water Lane, near the Clifton junction, being entirely covered with water yesterday evening (June 29).

The road was closed during the flooding but is now said to be back open.

One side of Kingsway North remains closed.

Clifton Green Primary School, in Water Lane, has taken the decision to close today because of the burst pipe.

Speaking on Facebook, a school spokesperson said: “We regret to inform you that our school is closed today due to a burst water pipe.”

York Press: The road at around 8.30pm last nightThe road at around 8.30pm last night (Image: Megi Rychlikova)

Yorkshire Water and City of York Council previously warned that temporary road closures may be in place today to resolve the issue.

Yorkshire Water say they are working to fix the burst pipe.

A spokesperson for the water company said: "We're really sorry but there may be some traffic disruption on Kingsway North while we carry out essential repairs.

"We'll complete repairs as soon as possible to minimise this disruption.

"Thank you for your patience."

They said there is "significant damage" to the road.

“Please plan an alternative route," added the spokesperson. 

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City of York Council say they are working with Yorkshire Water and urged people to avoid the area.

A council spokesperson said: “Temporary road closures remain in place today on Water End.

“Please avoid the area if you can.

“We're working with Yorkshire Water to ensure the area returns to normal as soon as possible.”

York Press: The road closed last nightThe road closed last night (Image: Dylan Connell)

Last night North Yorkshire Police said the road was closed due to a sink hole.

Speaking at the time, a force spokesperson said: “The closure is due to a sink hole that has appeared.

York Press: The sink hole at the bottom of Kingsway NorthThe sink hole at the bottom of Kingsway North (Image: Claire Arnold)

“You won't be able to turn from Clifton (Clifton Green) into Water Lane.

“Please avoid the area and take a different route to avoid delays. Please drive safely."

From around 7.30pm there were reports of surface flooding.

York Press: The road shortly after 10.30pm last nightThe road shortly after 10.30pm last night (Image: Dylan Connell)

At 8.30pm the road was entirely covered with water.

Shortly after 10.30pm the water was clear from the road but it remained closed with a police vehicle blocking the entrance.

Water engineers could be seen working to fix the burst, which was near the junction with Kingsway North.

York Press: Engineers working at the scene shortly after 10.30pm last nightEngineers working at the scene shortly after 10.30pm last night (Image: Dylan Connell)

At the time of the incident residents nearby reported a drop in water pressure.

Burst pipes have been reported previously on the street, including in January 2022.

In December 2022 City of York councillors Darryl Smalley and Andrew Hollyer said leaks in Water Lane made the road impassible.

At the time they called on Yorkshire Water to either fix leaks more quickly or repay bills to customers in York.