A 24-year-old Selby & Ainsty by-election candidate wants to bring ‘new blood’ into parliament.

Cllr Tyler Callum Wilson-Kerr from Garforth is standing as an Independent in the upcoming by-election, which will be held on Thursday July 20 following the resignation of MP Nigel Adams.

The graduate in business and economics from Leeds Trinity University currently works for a Leeds aerospace engineering firm and is also a serving councillor on Aberford and District parish Council.

He was previously a member of the Yorkshire Party and for two years was its lead campaigner.

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Tyler told the Press: “I’ve always been politically aware, but what really got me into it was being a Key Worker during Lockdown. I worked at Tesco while I was at University studying, and because everywhere was shut down, supermarkets became community hubs.

“I would chat with people and folk felt so unrepresented. I looked at Westminster and thought ‘what can I do to Stop the Waffle?’ So I decided to get involved and offer something different, to my fellow citizens of Yorkshire.”

The candidates ‘key priorities’ include a One Yorkshire devolution, with a single Yorkshire Mayor or Yorkshire parliament, saying the county is big enough for this.

He also demands greater protection for private tenants, waning to abolish Section 24 No-Fault evictions and clamping down on absentee or bad landlords. He supports rent controls for poorer families and a 100% premium tax on second homes.

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On energy, Tyler wants to create jobs in renewable energy firms, including converting old disused Ainsty collieries into Geothermal energy plants. He would at the prospect of re-opening some coal mines across Yorkshire to create well-paid jobs and cut the county’s ‘addiction’ to imports from China, Russia, and elsewhere.

“Britain needs a modern, eclectic, and diverse energy Mix to power our economy, wage growth, increase our balance of trade, reduce inflation, and prevent the worst-case scenarios of climate-change-related ecological collapse occurring in the future,” he said.

If elected, Tyler would plan a bill to mandate all new build private housing by Developers must come pre-installed with Heat Pumps, solar panels, micro-wind turbines.

He wants greater accountability from the police, with inquiries into the 1984 Battle of Orgreave during the Miners Strike and more recent failings to protect women and girls across Yorkshire.

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To prevent a ‘brain drain’ of young people from the constituency, Tyler supports better links between colleges and high schools. He would abolish tuition fees.

“Basically, I just want to improve lots of different bits of society and our economy, I don’t really believe in left and right, I think democracy happens when people vote with their conscious,” he said.

“I want to bring us all together in one voice, one hymn sheet, one vision for a New Yorkshire,” he said.