A York art gallery will showcase the story of the city's Museum Gardens and the importance of green spaces in an upcoming exhibition.

The new exhibition 'Bloom', opens at York Art Gallery today (June 23) and runs to October 8.

It will boast more than 100 botanical artworks, demonstrating flora through paintings, drawings on paper, ceramics, and contemporary installations.

York Press: 'Bloom' opens in York Art Gallery June 23'Bloom' opens in York Art Gallery June 23 (Image: Charlotte Graham)

The exhibition will take visitors through the early beginnings of Museum Gardens through to its activities today, before exploring a range of still life paintings.

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In the final space, featured works will show how gardens and flowers are able to draw upon themes of identity.

The exhibition includes a major commission by York-based artist Jade Blood, titled 'Gardeners World', which will be on display in the Artists' Garden behind the gallery.

York Press: The exhibit continues into the Artists' Garden behind the galleryThe exhibit continues into the Artists' Garden behind the gallery (Image: Charlotte Graham)

Jade's work utilises reclaimed and recycled materials and encourages visitors to consider their role in climate change.

Becky Gee, Curator of Fine Art at York Art Gallery, said: “We’re lucky to have such a stunning collection of botanical art in the collection, so it’s been a pleasure curating this exhibition – we hope people enjoy the exciting range of works on display!

"Flowers, and nature as a whole, are so important for our wellbeing. We hope visitors feel a sense of tranquillity when experiencing this show, as they take a break from the bustling world outside.

York Press: 'Bloom' will be presented in York Art Gallery'Bloom' will be presented in York Art Gallery (Image: Charlotte Graham)

"We’re thrilled to be working with York Museum Gardens, a free-to-visit space located just outside the gallery, to further enhance the visitor experience.

"Through trails and activities within the gardens, visitors will be able to draw connections between our exhibited artworks and the surrounding nature, plants and wildlife as they walk through this historic outdoor space.” 

York Press: The story of Museum Gardens will be shown in York Art Gallery exhibitThe story of Museum Gardens will be shown in York Art Gallery exhibit (Image: Charlotte Graham)

The exhibition will be presented over three galleries. The first explores the history of the Museum Gardens, opened by the Yorkshire Philosophical Society in the 1830s.

The second space is dedicated to the gallery's still life collection, which ranges from the 17th century to the 20th century, and includes pieces by Henri Fantin-Latour.

The final gallery will focus on flowers and the body, covering themes such as gender, sexuality and symbolism in art.

York Press: The exhibit includes work from York artist, Jade BloodThe exhibit includes work from York artist, Jade Blood (Image: Charlotte Graham)

Kathryn Blacker, chief executive of York Museums Trust, said: "York Art Gallery and the Museum Gardens are a central cultural and green lung within the city.

"Through our gallery collections, loans and our gardens we have been able to tell the story of how gardens and nature should be cherished and cared for given their importance to our individual, social and planet’s wellbeing.

"The Art Gallery sits directly in front of the gardens and we do hope that visitors will take the opportunity to enjoy and learn about the connections between them in both spaces.”

There will also be activities for children, including artist led workshops, under fives storytelling, and trails around the Bloom exhibition.

Adults will be able to enjoy life drawing, still life drawing, and a chance to explore the exhibition after hours.