The Land of the Samurai, a York-based company, has launched its A5 Japanese Wagyu Sirloin, Ribeye and Katana Steaks into ALDI.

Available from Wednesday June 28, this adds to its A5 Japanese Wagyu Burger, which is also available in ASDA and Morrisons on their promotional specials program.

The company was forged by York-based experienced entrepreneur and former international rugby player Charlie Simpson-Daniel.

The growing stresses a commitment to quality, which is why it is using 100% Japanese Wagyu, which has received the highest A5 grade.

By contrast much wagyou sold in Europe has been crossbred with dairy cattle and has inferior marbling.

Managing Director Charlie Simpson-Daniel said: “There are some incredible Wagyu products in the UK where Fullblood Wagyu has been crossbred with Aberdeen Angus breeds to create a unique eating experience.”

But much is instead cross-bred with dairy cattle creating a poorer product often used in petfood.

Charlie further explained: “The Land of the Samurais A5 Japanese Wagyu is the very best wagyu you can eat because it hasn’t been crossbred and has been born and raised in Japan who are the pioneers of Wagyu. This makes it not just the highest quality eating experience possible when it comes to Wagyu but also the most authentic for those interested in experiencing the planet’s most delicious steak.

“A5 Wagyu is carefully graded based on several key factors such as marbling ratios with lesser scores being awarded at A4 or A3 for products that don’t meet these grading metrics. The British consumer is quickly learning that Wagyu comes in many tiers, and we think once they experience A5 Wagyu then it will be impossible for them to eat anything else!”

New Product Development Director Joe Hepworth said: “As a chef, I have worked with a variety of meats, but A5 Japanese wagyu is truly in a league of its own. The marbling on this beef is simply exceptional - it’s like nothing else I’ve ever seen. The fat melts away so easily, creating a rich, buttery texture that is unparalleled. The flavour is equally amazing - a deep, savoury umami that lingers on the palate.

“Working with A5 Japanese wagyu is a true joy - it’s so tender that it almost feels like you’re slicing through butter. This beef is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes, from a simple seared steak to more complex recipes. It’s a true testament to the skill and dedication of the farmers who produce it.

“In my opinion, A5 Japanese wagyu is worth every penny. It’s a true culinary experience that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. As a chef, I feel incredibly privileged to be able to work with such an exceptional ingredient.”