Sometimes when bands play acoustic sets you find yourself wishing for them to down tools, plug into an amplifier and get on with the real show. 

That wasn’t the case last night (June 4) when the DMA’S played The Crescent in York.

Fresh from a UK tour promoting the Sydney band’s new album How Many Dreams?, they partnered with record stores across the nation for a run of intimate acoustic gigs.

The band took to The Crescent’s stage and kicked off with a stripped back version of their early single Feels Like 37.

Its usual fast pace was abandoned setting the scene that the show to follow would be about what everyone likes best about the DMA'S – how good they can play.

York Press: The DMA'S at The Crescent in YorkThe DMA'S at The Crescent in York (Image: Dylan Connell)

With just Tommy O'Dell’s voice, two (at times three) guitars and a keyboard, the band’s music had the same feeling as it does when they deliver full performances at some of the UK’s biggest venues.

They appeared on stage effortlessly cool, wearing jackets and hats that mirrored many of those in the crowd.

Guitarist and main spokesperson for the band Johnny Took engaged with the crowd while singer Tommy delivered vocals like no other, regularly grabbing the microphone from its stand and joining in with the groove of his fellow bandmates.  

The crowd swayed and sang along to numbers from throughout the band’s career including In The Air, Olympia, Silver, Forever and Delete.

Although they swayed, the crowd haven't mellowed – regularly making their appreciation of guitarist Johnny known.

Chants of 'YORKSHIRE' even started, with the band revealing that when they were first treated to the county wide honour they thought it was an insult - mistaking the words for 'you’re sh**'.

Cheers broke out to the story, with Tommy later deeming the crowd 'a bit rowdy' for a Sunday night.

Johnny later declared that the next song was a cover and the band followed with their hit acoustic version of Believe by Cher.

After covering the song for Australian radio station Triple J’s Like a Version in 2017, the cover was later certified gold down under for passing sales of 35,000.

Its success was confirmed even further when it got a crowd moving over 10,000 miles away in York.

The band told the York crowd that they now see the UK as their second home, with fans here willing to sing along to their songs, old and new.

Their closing number of new song, Everybody's Saying Thursday's the Weekend, showed they were telling the truth.

Tommy grabbed the microphone from its stand, the guitars kicked in and what followed was a fiery rendition of a song that shows the DMA'S aren’t going away any time soon.

The song was carried throughout the room by a crowd filled with many who would be rushing to work in the morning.

And the performance made it clear that when they arrived they would have a story to tell.