Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell is visiting the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Trinidad and Tobago to celebrate its 200th anniversary.

The Archbishop will be visiting Port of Spain, the country's capital city, to join Bishop Claude Berkley in celebrating the church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago.

He will preach at a service on Sunday, June 4, when thousands of worshippers are expected to gather in the city at Queen's Park Savannah as part of the celebrations.

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Archbishop Stephen said: "As the 98th Archbishop of York and Primate of England, I come bringing the friendship, love and support of the whole Church of England, the greetings and esteem of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and, I hope, a sign of our enduring partnership in the gospel.

"We have much to learn from each other and much to celebrate.

“I look forward to hearing again the sound of steel pan and calypso, the many culinary delights, the warmth of your hospitality and the beautiful dignity of your worship.

"I come with hope in my heart that our friendship can be renewed, the bonds of love strengthened, and our witness to the gospel enhanced.

"May these celebrations be an opportunity for the joyful renewal of our faith in Christ and our belonging together within his body, the Church.”

Archbishop Stephen last visited Trinidad and Tobago in 2015 when he was the Bishop of Chelmsford.

Bishop Claude Berkley, Bishop of The Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago, said: "We’re really looking forward to welcoming Archbishop Stephen to join our anniversary celebrations.

"The cathedral plays an important role in our city and country and we hope that we can all celebrate together and commit to continuing to witness of the love of Jesus to all who are looking for hope and purpose in their lives.

"I hope that many people will come and join us in the park on Sunday and we can make a loud noise as we gather together in worship."

Celebrations will include a Gala and Dinner Dance, a hamper drive to support vulnerable households, a fitness challenge, and a call for people to donate blood at the local hospital.

The Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity is the mother church in the Anglican Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago, and was consecrated for worship on Trinity Sunday, May 25, in 1823.