A FUND has been set up in memory of a York man who has died aged just 39.

Tributes have been paid to Glenn Sweetman, who was almost 40 when he died after an overdose in March this year.

He was a member at York community group Tang Hall SMART CIC, where a memorial fund has now been set up to remember him.

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Sue Williamson, Tang Hall SMART CEO, said: “Glenn was one of our people, a fantastic creative guy, who left behind some wonderful writing, art and music.

"He struggled with addiction and mental health, but never stopped caring about others. We organised an evening to honour his creativity, and the room was packed with people who knew and loved Glenn.

"There were readings from a booklet we have compiled of Glenn’s writings, we played some of his compositions, and people had a chance to remember the brightness of Glenn.

"I thought this was important to do, to remember all that Glenn was and all that he gave because otherwise, when someone dies young - Glenn was just coming up to his 40th birthday when he sadly died of an overdose in March – it can feel unbearable, just thinking of what could have been.

"The Glenn Sweetman memorial fund has been created to honour everything Glenn stood for, compassion, hopefulness, resilience, and endless creativity. He was an absolute top guy!”

Glenn’s mum, Sue Sweetman, said: “Glenn was a considerate, compassionate and thoughtful human being. Despite his high intellect, he made some foolish decisions in his younger days, that set him on a very destructive and joyless path.

"He struggled on and off for several years of his life to break free from this devastating disease, because that is what addiction is, coming out on top, on several occasions, but ultimately it had a severe impact on his mental health and he would spiral into deep depressions, which led him back to the poisons that were the very cause of all his anxieties and problems in the first place. A vicious circle of cause and effect that is addiction.

"He engaged with Sue and her team at Tang Hall Smart, where he found a community of caring, supportive people, that gave him encouragement and opportunities to work on his art, music and writing. He became productive again, and it gave him a sense of self-worth and confidence that had been destroyed by his drug and alcohol dependency.

"Sue and her team do great things in the community, and were a constant in Glenn’s turbulent life. He was always full of hope for a future when he returned from one of his days there. I know he was not the only person they have thrown a life-line to.

"He was loved by many and will be missed tremendously. He would be delighted to know that a memorial fund in his name will be available to help others.”

Anyone who wishes to donate to the fund, either by buying a booklet of Glenn’s writing, a T-shirt with one of Glenn’s designs, or simply wants to donate to the fund can do so by visiting the following website-page. https://www.tanghallsmart.com/glennsweetmanmemorialfund If you are someone who is experiencing addiction and poor mental health, particularly when this has resulted in a period of homelessness, and you are interested in finding out about how Tang Hall SMART’s courses and sessions might be able to help you, please email sue@tanghallsmart.com or text 07725997342.

* The Samaritans say that whatever you're going through, you can call them for free, at any time, from any phone, on 116 123.