POLICE have issued a warning to drinkers attracted to a popular North Yorkshire beauty spot.

Officers in Richmond are gearing up for a sunny and busy bank holiday weekend and are asking visitors to enjoy the area respectfully, and are warning that antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated.

The area of Richmond Falls is popular with local people and visitors but it also attracts groups of street drinkers and rowdy behaviour.

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Insp Martin Metcalf of Richmondshire Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We welcome considerate and responsible visitors to the Richmond Falls, but we will not tolerate antisocial behaviour, which is often committed by large groups who travel in from other areas and behave with no respect for the community they’re visiting.

“There is a currently a Public Space Protection Order in place and we will be out on patrol with our partners to enforce the order if we need to. We really hope we don’t need to and that everyone can enjoy the area in peace.

“Anyone who is in possession of alcohol within the area is likely to lose it. Last year we seized gallons of drink and yours is likely to go the same way if we believe you are in breach of the order.

“We simple ask that you enjoy the beautiful location, treat it responsibly and take your litter home. Please note no barbecues are permitted under any circumstances.”

York Press: Last year officers seized gallons of alcoholLast year officers seized gallons of alcohol (Image: North Yorkshire Police)