A popular Lebanese takeaway in York City Centre has been rated "a solid 10" by viral Yorkshire YouTuber, RateMyTakeaway.

Danny Malin, who has garnered more than 614,000 subscribers and more than 118,000,000 views on his YouTube Channel, said he'd tasted flavours he'd never tried before at Middle Feast, a Lebanese takeaway in Lendal.

Middle Feast is a favourite in York for its shawarma wraps.  

York Press: Danny Malin with fans outside Middle FeastDanny Malin with fans outside Middle Feast (Image: YouTube/RateMyTakeaway)

Danny said he was "looking forward to getting his gnashers" into the food after receiving recommendations from his subscribers.

He asked the staff behind the till what the most popular dish was, and he was recommended to get the mezze meal.

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He was astounded to see the "huge" plate of Lebanese dishes when it arrived, which featured both chicken and lamb shawarma meat, falafel, hummus, kibbeh, stuffed vine leaves, halloumi, rice, thin flatbread, and salad.

Along with a bottle of water, the meal came to £18, which Danny said was a "bargain for all that food", and enough to feed three people.

He was also given his first ayran drink on the house, a yoghurt drink popular in Turkey.

He described it as a "weird, natural yoghurt drink but was very nice".

York Press: Middle Feast's mezze mealMiddle Feast's mezze meal (Image: YouTube/RateMyTakeaway)

He looked at the vine leaves stuffed with bulgar wheat dubiously, admitting he "wasn't too keen on trying it" at first, saying it "looked like something a kid had made in a mud kitchen in the garden".

However after trying it, he said he was surprised at the taste, and said, "they have a fresh, minty, fragrant taste".

Another first for Danny was the kibbeh, which are small, deep fried, minced meat parcels, commonly eaten in Lebanon and Syria.

He said: "This is amazing, a first time flavour for me. They have an aniseed taste to them. They're soft, yet deep fried and crispy."

York Press: Danny with a fanDanny with a fan (Image: YouTube/RateMyTakeaway)

Flavours more familiar to him were the hummus and falafel which he described as "absolutely gorgeous, nice and crispy on the outside and beautifully soft and smooth on the inside, with a citrus or lemony taste".

"The hummus is soft and creamy as it should be and has a nice flavour."

He praised both the lamb and chicken shawarma meats, and enjoyed the "amazing, cinnamon and nutmeg taste" of the lamb, and the "beautiful aroma" of the "crispy, marinated chicken" carved off in big slabs.

He also complimented the bread as "absolutely gorgeous", and the rice as good enough to be eaten on its own with the herbs and spices flavouring it.

He said he loved the meal, and rated it a "solid 10" overall. 

Danny, from Leeds, has gained his large following for his reviews on takeaway food around the UK.

And he has many fans in York, as several stopped by to say hello to him and get a photograph as he sat eating outide Middle Feast.