AN 'AMAZING' display of the Northern Lights could be seen over cliffs in North Yorkshire last night.

Nicole and Simon, who live in Scarborough, pictured the "lovely display" from the Scalby Mills cliffs near the town.

The duo said: "When we initially started shooting there was a thick layer of cloud and mist which was blocking them from view completely.

"Fortunately, the skies began to clear a little and we were treated to an amazing display.

"The aurora was dancing and at certain points the entire sky was lit up with pink on our camera screen, there were even bright and distinct pillars of light visible to our naked eyes.

"Despite less than ideal weather, we were very excited to witness and capture this show, especially so late in the season."

The duo ventured out at around 11pm last night (May 19) - and captured the Northern Lights at around midnight.

Nicole and Simon run a Facebook page called 'Astro Dog' where they share their passion for astronomy.