Restoration work at the historic De Grey Rooms is all but complete and its new occupier is expected to make the place its home in the summer.

St Michael Le Belfrey church congregation is expected to move into the former ballroom by mid-July. 

The building opposite - De Grey House - will host York Conservation Trust from May 24 as it moves its offices there permanently.

St Michael Le Belfrey’s congregation will be based at De Grey Rooms while its historic Anglican church is restored for the first time in more than 150 years. 

York Conservation Trust owns both buildings and its chief executive Jonathan Bryant said: “We are really pleased, because it is the public access that is important to us.”

De Grey Rooms was built in 1841-1842 and is named after the Earl De Grey.

York Press: The De Grey Rooms in YorkThe De Grey Rooms in York

The former ballroom will be used for worship and a range of congregation and community activity until 2025. 

From that point, Mr Bryant will look for something else to mark its name in the De Grey history books. 

He said: “We will be looking for another suitable occupier and one that will make it available to the general public.”

On the cultural significance of De Grey Rooms, Mr Bryant added: “The most interesting thing historically about the De Grey Rooms is that we still find people, particularly older couples, who reminisce about when there were dances there, because lots of couples met there and romance blossomed.”

York Press: St Michael Le Belfrey ChurchSt Michael Le Belfrey Church

Restoration work at the 19th Century buildings was approved by the City of York Council in January and will last for about two years.

St Michael Le Belfrey’s congregation will move out of its 500-year-old church next to York Minster where Guy Fawkes was baptised this summer.

Associate vicar at St Michael Le Belfrey Andy Baker said: “It is an ideal venue for us.

“It is literally two minutes around the corner and the size is almost perfect.

On the restoration, Mr Baker said: “We have been dreaming about this as a worshipping community. 

“It is going to make the building much more welcoming.

“We are very excited.

“It’s been a long time coming.”