I’ll remember watching the King’s Coronation procession forever, and it was an incredible spectacle which I’m glad I got to see.

But, I can’t pretend not to be disappointed by the buzz and atmosphere around central London.

I’m sure the weather didn’t help as it was pouring with rain, and crowds were littered with umbrellas and rain coats, but it was good to see that still hadn’t stopped hundreds of thousands of people from standing outside to watch.

Some were really “in the mood” with faces painted in red, white and blue, some with masks of the Royal Family, others with flags and blow up crowns on their heads, and it was heart-warming to see how much effort some people had gone to.

York Press:

Others weren’t as friendly, some becoming frustrated by protesters which were in abundance, some frustrated by the weather, and others frustrated by the crowds.

I thought us Brits were immune to the weather, and certainly a bit of rain, but maybe it was that that lowered the mood.

It felt special that the public had come together again, like on the day Queen Elizabeth II died and on the day of the funeral, and there was definitely that proud-to-be British and “I’m part of history” feel in the air.

But, there just wasn’t as much of a buzz as I'd have thought.

York Press:

I was stood at Whitehall, right opposite Downing Street, and I watched the procession head towards Westminster Abbey for the Coronation ceremony.

The procession passed us, and there were woops and cheers, but I just didn’t feel the electricity when royalty was passing that I would have hoped to.

It was incredible to see the carriage, and the ever-mesmerising soldiers and horses, and I got an amazing view of King Charles and Queen Camilla on their way to be crowned.

York Press:

That is something I'll never forget, and I’m proud to have been a part of history today.