As we mark a historic Coronation, how well do you know King Charles and the Royal Family? Put your knowledge to the test. 

King Charles III is to be crowned on Saturday, May 6 with the ceremony taking place at Westminster Abbey in London. 

The ceremony will see the monarch crowned alongside the Queen Consort Camilla following a 1.3-mile procession in the Gold State Coach.

The King, accompanied by the Queen Consort, will travel in a shorter procession route than the late Elizabeth II and break with tradition by only using the elaborate 260-year-old Gold State Coach one way – on their return.

King Charles III: The life and times of our new monarch

The monarch and Camilla have personally decided to make the 1.3-mile outward journey – known as the King’s Procession – from Buckingham Palace in the more modern, comfortable Diamond Jubilee State Coach, which has shock absorbers, heating and air conditioning.

You can view a 3D flyover of the Coronation route below.

As part of the celebrations, 15 members of the Royal Family will turn out to watch a flyover to mark the occasion.

Included in the list are King Charles, Queen Camilla, William and Kate, along with children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Events for the coronation will continue across the weekend, with a special concert being held on Sunday, May 7 at Windsor Castle.

Large crowds are expected to gather along the procession route with street parties and screenings also organised over the Bank Holiday weekend too.

Take our Coronation Quiz

Whatever your plans are for the historic occasion, see if you have what it takes to be crowned the King or Queen of our Coronation quiz.

There are 10 questions on testing your knowledge on everything from Royal estates to the line of succession to really get your head scratching.

The scoring system is as follows:

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