BABIES born at York Hospital on Coronation day are in for a right royal treat.

Midwife Sue Cowley has prepared special Coronation day baby packages for newborns - including a knitted crown!

Sue has knitted hats in the shape of crowns in the colours of purple, white and gold, while her daughter, graphic designer Iona Cavenaugh, has designed a logo for a newborn vest that reads: ' York Maternity Unit, 6th May, 2023' with a gold crown in the middle.

The celebration bundles will also include Coronation Day chocolates and come in a bag with the Union flag on the front.

Sue, who has been a midwife for almost 40 years, told The Press: "I have made 12 sets ready for Saturday - I hope we are not any busier!

York Press: Coronation day vests made by Sue's daughter IonaCoronation day vests made by Sue's daughter Iona (Image: Sue Cowley)

"I knitted the little crown hats - we always supply hats for babies when they are first born to keep them warm."

Sue knits special hats for Christmas time as well as knits hats all year round for the maternity ward.

She said: "We only recommend that babies wear hats for the first 24 hours because they can't regulate their temperature."

And she wanted to make the crown hats to mark the Coronation as a special day, although she appreciates not every parent may want one.

She said: "I am aware that not everyone will want to celebrate - if someone doesn't want one, that is not a problem."

And she added she is always looking for volunteers to knit hats for the maternity ward. She has a pattern they can follow and if they wish to find out more they can get in touch with Sue via the labour ward at York Hospital.

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