A NORTH Yorkshire town crier is set to perform his own proclamation to mark the King's Coronation.

David Hinde, who has been the town crier of Helmsley since 2017, will give his speech at 11am on the morning of the King's Coronation (May 6) from the balcony at Helmsley Town Hall.

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David said: "Helmsley Town Council have invited people to watch and take part in the historic occasion.

"It's a great honour to have been given the proclamation as a member of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers."

York Press: David Hinde's special Coronation proclamationDavid Hinde's special Coronation proclamation (Image: David Hinde)


David said: "There is a personal connection for me as I was introduced to the then Prince Charles when he attended the 900th Anniversary of the Priory Church in Bridlington Old Town back in 2013.

"He had been briefed that I was to attempt the worlds loudest Town Cry record some weeks later - which I achieved in August 2013 a record 114.8 decibels in Sewerby Park measured by Cirrus Research Plc of Hunmanby.

"At the time I was Bridlington's Town Crier, and Prince Charles said "Wow -A Crier" as he walked towards me. He then said "Do they use you well?" "Yes Sir, I said".

"And how long do you have this role for?" he further asked-to which I replied as long as I would like to do it and they would like me to do it.

"Taking a few steps further down the Priory aisle away from me - he then turned round and beamed a wide smile - "And a big voice too eh!?"

"I have a good memory of that special day and thoughts of the forthcoming once in a lifetime event on Saturday morning."

Here is a video of me making a Proclamation at Helmsley for the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

Click here to watch David's proclamation from the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

York Press: Helmsley Town Crier David Hinde on parade at Helmsley Walled gardenHelmsley Town Crier David Hinde on parade at Helmsley Walled garden (Image: David Hinde)