YARNBOMBERS of York and beyond have been out in force knitting likenesses of King Charles ahead of the Coronation.

A woollen look-alike of the new monarch has appeared on top of a red pillar box in Huntington, while craft versions of King Charles and Queen Camilla have appeared in Thirsk.

At Huntington, a model of King Charles wearing a robe and carrying the the orb and sceptre, the traditional symbols of the monarch, is becoming a local talking point.

York Press: Knitted King Charles. Photo by Garry HornbyKnitted King Charles. Photo by Garry Hornby (Image: Garry Hornby)


York Press: The knitted King has appeared in Huntington, York. Photo by Christine HainsworthThe knitted King has appeared in Huntington, York. Photo by Christine Hainsworth (Image: Christine Hainsworth)He is sitting atop a white crochet cover with knitted bunting - which includes a badge for the Strensall and Huntington Women's Institute.

The group have also placed a ticket under the display advertising the local meeting for the WI which takes place on the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm at Strensall Village Hall.

Christine Hainsworth, who posted some photos of the knitted King in The Press Camera Club Facebook Page, said: "Well done to the #womensinstitute of Huntington & Strensall."

We couldn't agree more. But praise is also due to the Yarnbombers of Thirsk who have struck again and created a colourful Coronation scene for the town to enjoy.

York Press: Yarnbombers out in Thirsk. Photo by Emma RichardsonYarnbombers out in Thirsk. Photo by Emma Richardson (Image: Emma Richardson)

One display shows the King and Queen waving from a balcony while a horse and carriage - all knitted of course - stands nearby.

Figures of King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla have also been knitted, alongside bunting featuring mini Union flags.

Thanks to Emma Richardson of Press Camera Club for posting these images.

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