A North Yorkshire firm has created the flag that will fly at Buckingham Palace for the Coronation of King Charles III. 

Flying Colours Flagmakers, in Knaresborough, was granted the Royal Warrant to manufacture flags for the royal family in 2008, and is now their only flag maker.

The latest flag they have created for the royals is the Royal Standard flag for use in England, which is the King's personal flag.

The Royal Standard is flown at royal residences only when the sovereign is present.

The 12ft by 6ft flag, which is red, yellow and blue, is split into four sections.

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The top left and bottom right quarters depict the three lions crest to represent England, the bottom left has the harp symbol for Northern Ireland, and the top right has a single lion to represent Scotland.

Chris Taylor, of Flying Colours, told The Press that it took three or four people around three weeks to complete, from cutting the fabric, printing out the pattern, and patches and stitching it on. 

York Press: The Queen's Royal Standard, created by Flying Colours FlagmakersThe Queen's Royal Standard, created by Flying Colours Flagmakers (Image: PA media)

Last year, the firm created the flag which was draped over Queen Elizabeth II's coffin during her journey from Balmoral to Edinburgh, which was the Royal Standard flag for use in Scotland.

Flying Colours, which been running for 30 years, has been manufacturing flags for the royal family since 2000.

It has also made "countless" kilometres of bunting for street parties, home decorations, and various city councils which include mini flags of the Royal Standard.