I AM indeed grateful for the help of Andy D’Agorne in getting Grange Street resurfaced and speed-reducing planters installed.

But it was local residents who petitioned the council and worked with officers to get the job done.

The frontage at Fishergate shops desperately needs improvement, but it didn’t need these bollards.

One bollard is directly in line with the zebra crossing and the others do not prevent vehicles from parking on the frontages.

I have lived in Fishergate for 25 years and never seen a parent parking on the pavement to pick up children from St George’s School, and I have only rarely seen a delivery vehicle briefly park there, so their justification is a mystery.

If money can be spent on Acomb shops, why not Fishergate too.

I hope that after the local elections, our new councillors will work hard to bring some of the Bishy Road sparkle to Fishergate shops.

Christopher Rainger,

Grange Street,