THE team behind a popular North Yorkshire restaurant have opened their own factory.

Sitting between York and Selby at Escrick Business Park, Nata Pasta is the brainchild of the trio behind Burro Italian restaurant in Riccall.

Directors GianMatteo Saba, Luca Oggiana and Francesco Chirigoni started out producing all the pasta and gnocchi for their own restaurant, but now they and their team of four chefs are producing top quality pasta for wholesale, supplying restaurants in York, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester.

They have also had a lot of interest from restaurants in London and hope to be supplying some of the capital's top names soon.

Luca, GianMatteo and Francesco are childhood friends from Sardinia and all worked in big name Italian restaurants in the UK before setting up Burro in 2019.

The restaurant prides itself on all it's food being made from scratch by Nata Pasta.

"We are our own customers first and foremost so we know what people like and we know the quality has to be the best," said Francesco.

"We are targeting high end restaurants, it's the premium market because we need to keep this business an artisan business," said Luca.

"We are working six days a week  and everything is made fresh using the best ingredients with 100 per cent durum wheat semolina used to make our pasta which is coloured using beetroot, spinach, blue matcha and charcoal from coconut husks."

Pasta fillings include crab and lime, braised lamb, duck and gin, salmon and dill, lobster and mushrooms and goat cheese.

York Press: The crab and lime triangoli organic blue macha pastaThe crab and lime triangoli organic blue macha pasta (Image: Nata Pasta)

"Once people have tasted our products, they are not going to go back to their previous suppliers," said Francesco.

The factory also makes desserts - seadas which are traditional Sardininan fritters - one chocolate served with a Nutella filling and the other filled with a type of mozzarella infused with lemon which is something new and rather special.

They also hope soon to be able to sell their own homemade ice-cream.

Luca continued: "We supply a couple of delis in York and would like to get into retail eventually, but for now we are concentrating on wholesale.

"There is no one else in England doing innovative pasta products like this.

"We are also making bespoke orders for restaurants - there are no limits."

Restaurants wanting to get in touch can go to

The Press visited Burro last month ahead of a visit by MasterChef Italia winner Valerio Braschi.

York Press: Valerio Braschi in the kitchenValerio Braschi in the kitchen (Image: Burro)

The restaurant is housed in an historic stone corn mill with diners either seated inside the old windmill or in a single storey building that fans out around the base, and in the daytime, it has great views out across the surrounding countryside.

York Press: Burro Italian restaurant in RiccallBurro Italian restaurant in Riccall (Image: Burro)

A mill has existed on the site at Riccall since 1290, and the current mill became derelict in 1911 long before its current incarnation.

The restaurant is open seven days a week and bookings are available here.