A hair salon in York is celebrating its 25th anniversary - and the owner is "grateful" for all the customers she’s had over the years.

Donna Morgan, the owner of Silkwood Hair Studio, in Whitby Drive, Heworth, reached the milestone on Wednesday, April 5.

She had always wanted her own salon, and so she bought the property when she was just 25, after the previous owner had given it up.

She had been hairdressing since she was 19 and had always fancied her own salon.

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Ever since, she has cut and styled hair from blow dries, to new styles for many occasions such as weddings, the races, and school proms.

She said: “You’re more than just a hairdresser, you’re a counsellor, and you learn a lot about people.

“You pamper people and help them to feel better and more confident and give them advice, and I get a lot of satisfaction in doing that.

“You have to be a people person, and always come to work with a smile on your face.

“You should never take clients for granted, 80 per cent of them have been with me for the whole 25 years, and you have to make them feel special like it’s their first time.

“You make clients comfy and offer them tea and coffee, and a hot chocolate with Baileys at Christmas. I’m grateful to them all.”

York Press: Silkwood owner Donna Morgan, and her colleague Lisa JohnsSilkwood owner Donna Morgan, and her colleague Lisa Johns (Image: Donna Morgan)

Donna has said she’s worked with many nice members of staff over the years, but if she had to mention anyone, it would have to be Lisa Johns, who has been with her for the whole 25 years and has been a “pleasure to work with".

On Wednesday the salon is celebrating its anniversary with balloons in the salon, and prosecco and chocolates for customers.

Donna said she "wasn't daunted" to take on the business 25 years ago, and has said it's always been a "really fun job".

"You have to always believe that you’re good enough, and you can always better yourself," she said.

“You can’t beat an inverted bob and I love colouring. You have to keep on your toes and look out for the new fashions with hair, right now people like ash and copper colours.”