People have the chance to own a bit of York Minster's history as a number of its items go up for auction this week.

More than 50 items from York Minster's stores are going up for auction online, on Thursday, March 30 at 10am, via Wombells Auctioneers.

Among the items are church paraphernalia including a crucifix, wooden crosses, wooden donation boxes, candlesticks, lecterns, and kneelers (used for prayers in church services).

There are also wooden chairs, oak panelled doors, and an 18th century dressing table.York Press: A wooden sculpture of a sheepA wooden sculpture of a sheep (Image: Wombells Auctioneers)Read Next:

The Minster had to do a "massive clear out" of the Works Department building in Deansgate, which is where the Minster's stonemasons and other labourers work, in preparation for its redevelopment into a new Works and Technology Hub.

The items that are up for auction have all come from the Works Department building.

A spokesperson for York Minster said: "The items on sale represent an accumulation of more than 100 years of history on the site.

York Press: 18th century oak dressing table18th century oak dressing table (Image: Wombells Auctioneers)

"Every item has been reviewed to ensure that it should not be transferred to the Museum or Archive Collections of York Minster.  

"However we are aware that the items may be of interest to a wide range of people including collectors and many people with links to the Minster so we opted to dispose of the items via online auction to give interested parties an opportunity to bid for them.

"Proceeds will be returned to the Chapter of York for ongoing conservation and repair of the Minster."

York Press: Black painted lanterns together with a flower head style light fitting Black painted lanterns together with a flower head style light fitting (Image: Wombells Auctioneers)

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A spokesperson for Wombell's Auctioneers said: "There's nothing of historical importance, just items that the Minster have had in their stores for a long time and no longer use.

"Among the items include some which were left over from the Minster fire in 1984.

"There are many wooden items such as hand rails and doors that used to be attached to the Minster."

York Press: Metal fire buckets and Fire Orders boardMetal fire buckets and Fire Orders board (Image: Wombells Auctioneers)

The new Works and Technology Hub will provide residential acommodation, which includes six bedrooms, a shared kitchen, and a lounge, for the Minster's first and second year apprentices, as well as for international exchange visitors and trainees.

It will also provide new facilities for the Minster's scaffolders and gardeners.

A new entrance will allow visitors to enter and watch operations from a dedicated viewing platform.

Click here to see the York Minster items up for auction, which are are listed from 720 to 776 in the catalogue, from pages nine to ten.