The Salvation Army is providing boxing classes for people who have been homeless to help improve their physical and mental health.

Charlie Malarkey, who leads the charity's Early Intervention and Prevention Team in York, has organised these weekly classes.

He said: "For people who may have led chaotic lives or are struggling with their mental health or an addiction, having something to focus on like boxing classes each week is a real positive. 

"We take it at their pace building up physical fitness which for people who may have spent time sleeping on the streets is really important. It’s also led to people reducing their reliance on alcohol and drugs.”

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One participant Jay, 21, who has spent time sleeping rough in York city centre, said: "The best thing that ever happened to me were the boxing classes.

"I had a lot of pain and had been using drugs to block what I was feeling, but because of the boxing and the help from The Salvation Army team, I managed to stop that before it got really bad."

The classes work on a referral basis. Charlie is looking for funding to buy equipment. If you would like to attend or make a donation please contact Charlie on 01904 416562.

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