A COMMUNITY interest company in York has announced sponsorship for the latest season of a podcast looking to break down barriers for disabled people.

Get Cycling, based in the city, has proudly announced its sponsorship of the Diffability Podcast, hosted by Dadsnet.

The podcast led by dads Paul and Michael Atwal-Brice, follows their challenging journey of raising their identical twin teenage sons Levi and Lucas, who both have autism and epilepsy, as well as their identical toddler twins, Lance and Lotan. The podcast covers a wide range of topics and features special guests to help others understand more about children’s ‘diffabilities’.

The team at Get Cycling, which has been running since 2008, said they are "thrilled" to be recognised for their efforts in making cycling accessible to everyone by supporting the online podcast series.

As an inclusive cycle provider, Get Cycling stock all kinds of cycles, including specialist, inclusive and adaptable cycles - and delivers them nationwide.

Joanne Mahon, CEO at Get Cycling expressed her pride in being able to support Paul and Michael.

She said: “Get Cycling is so proud to have been able to play a small part in helping the Diffability podcast spread it’s important message to families across the world.

"The work they are doing ties in so well with our core mission to make everyday activities, like cycling, as accessible as possible, to everyone.”

Michael Atwal-Brice, host of the Diffability podcast, emphasised the importance of this season for parents and carers of children with additional needs or disabilities.

Michael said: "As parents to children who are disabled, we know full well how difficult times can be and equally how great times can be. After all, we are all in this together."

The podcast offers help and advice directly from families living and breathing diverse conditions, as well as from professionals from various charities and organisations who help and support families.

Jack Allen, head of content for Dadsnet, said: "We feel like this is such an important podcast for our community and wider afield - every day families are being given diagnoses that will rock their world. This podcast helps let them know that they aren't alone on their journey, from tips and advice from experts on various conditions to resources and places to turn for support.

"At Dadsnet we are very proud to be able to make this podcast and help families of all shapes and sizes feel less alone."

Whether your child’s 'Diffability' is anxiety, mental health, ASD, ADHD, or any other kind of diagnosis, this podcast aims to help parents feel less alone. You can tune into the podcast on the website.