A LEADING York solicitor believes making a will is being 'pushed onto the back burner' despite the Covid-19 pandemic focussing attention on the pressing need for future planning.

Lynsey Bashforth, of York solicitors, Roche Legal, made the comments as figures from Kings Court Trust show that 57 per cent of people in the UK still do not have a will and 53 per cent have not updated their existing within the last five years.

In a bid to address these worrying figures, Lynsey, is running free clinics for organisations, including the West and North Yorkshire Police Federations, to highlight the benefits of putting your wishes into a will.

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She said: “When the pandemic hit people were thinking more about their mortality, but life has just got in the way again and making a will has been put on the back burner. We all think we are invincible, but unfortunately we are not.

“That’s why It is important to push forward with our campaigns at Roche Legal to build awareness and working with the police federations is an integral part of that strategy. If it can work for the police then it can work for other employers and that is message we want to get out.

“Our free clinics are held at workplaces and is an excellent way for employers to add additional value to their employees and to encourage them to get their affairs in order.

“In terms of the large number of people without a will, it does come down to educating about the ramifications of not having a will when you die intestate. If there is no will then you do not know exactly what their wishes were. With a Will in place there is a voice saying what they wanted to happen when they are not here. It is also vital to update your will to take into consideration changes to circumstances.”

The police federation clinics have not only attracted officers coming to the end of their careers but young families who want to ensure their wishes for their children are put into a will.

Lynsey said: “Making a will is an individual decision and the clinics and presentations are about educating police officers about the benefits and explaining the process. After the impact of Covid-19 we are building up the in-person presentations and clinics again.

“Organising your affairs is not morbid and we make it clear that in effect what you are doing with a Will is putting an insurance policy in place that looks after your loved ones and it is about getting that message across. Some people genuinely can’t face those emotional conversations and that is why it is so important to discuss making a Will- it is about protecting your family.”