A YORK school's performing arts department put together an "exciting" show for audiences last week - combining dance, original live music and movement sequences.

This year, Performing Arts Department at All Saints RC School in the city welcomed audiences to their production of ‘Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night- Time’ - an original adaptation for the school from the novel by Mark Haddon.

Sharon Keelan-Beardsley, headteacher at All Saints, said: "The students have been wonderful. It's been absolutely superb and we've also raised money as part of a retiring collection for a local charity - York Inspirational Kids, which supports children with a disability or additional need."

York Press: The shows were held at the school site last weekThe shows were held at the school site last week (Image: Niamh Callaghan Farrell)

This was the school's first production in more than two years, due to Covid-19 restrictions in place during the pandemic.

A spokesperson for the show described it as a "murder mystery like no other".

The spokesperson said: "The detective and protagonist is Christopher Boone, who sees the world in a unique way. He knows a great deal about maths and very little about human beings.

"He has never gone further than his hometown, but when he finds a neighbour’s dog murdered, he sets out on a terrifying journey which will turn his whole world upside down."

During the production, 10 narrators aimed to physically represent Christopher’s imagination and inner thoughts.

The show's spokesperson went on to say: "We hope that the exciting ensemble sequences, inspired by frantic assembly, reflect how Chris experiences the wider world.

"In visual terms, we tried to highlight the key motifs of letters, as well as Chris’ love of numbers and space. Through physical theatre and projections, we hope to immerse the audience in Chris’ imagination."

The school said that any student who auditioned was automatically included in the show.

"What a dedicated and talented cast they have proved themselves to be. They have all worked hard, extending their skills and self-expression, while also showing commitment in rising to the demands of a rigorous rehearsal schedule," a spokesperson said.

York Press: The musical director put together an original score for the showThe musical director put together an original score for the show (Image: Niamh Callaghan Farrell)

The school's head of music, Richard Mann, wrote an original score for the production - and said he faced challenges when putting together the music for the show.

Mr Mann said: "There are many challenges faced when writing an original score for an adapted novel, but this is something I am now becoming used to, as we attempt to create more and more ambitious productions.

"Having written music for interpretations of Shakespeare and Bronte in previous All Saints’ productions, writing for a contemporary novel proved no less daunting."

The shows were held last week from Tuesday (February 21) until Friday (February 24) at 7pm in the Lower Site Hall at the school.