A ghost is believed to have been captured on camera in a York museum.

Ryan and his girlfriend Nicole were visiting York from Bradford on Tuesday, February 21 and Wednesday, February 22, and they went to the Castle Museum, in Tower Street.

When they were back at home, Ryan was looking through the photos he had taken during their trip, and was shocked by one he'd taken in the museum's prison exhibit.

York Press: Ghost caught on camera at York Castle MuseumGhost caught on camera at York Castle Museum (Image: Ryan and Nicole)

Ryan said: "It looks like a little boy walking to the right, or maybe into the wall, wearing boots and breaches.

"We didn't see this when we were there so I thought it was a shadow at first, but there was nobody peeping round the corner, and there was nothing on the floor either.

"I can make out what could be his waistline and part of his face. 

"I'm more of a skeptic, but I really can't explain this, its really creepy to look at."

He showed it to Nicole and her Dad, John, who he described as "much more of a skeptic, but was mesmerised by it."

Ryan added: "Its the boot for me, it looks so vivid.

"We did feel a spooky feeling in the museum, particuarly a sad feeling in the jail and the courtyard, but we didn't expect any presence to actually be there."

The York Castle Museum website states that the building used to be a prison for both men and women in the 18th century, and jailed infamous York highwayman, Dick Turpin. 

Ryan said he learned at the exhibit that some of the female inmates had given birth to children.