SURREAL art will be on show at a York theatre as local artist Lincoln Lightfoot brings his work to the Grand Opera House.

Lincoln is a well-established artist who has built a reputation across Yorkshire and the North East with work that explores surreal concepts reminiscent of 1950s-60s B-Movie poster art.

The artwork depicts unusual happenings with large beasts, staged in local, well-known settings - such as dinosaurs towering over York Minster!

Inspired by iconic architecture and the absurdity of science fiction comedy disaster film the artwork offers a Monty Python-style of escapism from everyday problems.

Lincoln says the imagery taps into the present condition of fear that our news media and politicians perpetuate in a post Covid world. His paintings aim to parody that of religious apocalyptic scenes circa 1800 such as those of John Martin while his story-book illustrations explore detailed pen work and bright block colour.

York Press: Art work by Lincoln LightfootArt work by Lincoln Lightfoot

Lincoln said: "During the late B-Movie era the Cold War kept us in perpetual fear of extinction from nuclear Armageddon until the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet bloc.

"Today we have growing similarities re-emerging due to the conflict in the Ukraine which threatens to spill over into the wider world.

"Through engagement with art, we can deal with these nightmares. Children confront and make sense of a dangerous world through stories and rhymes and are taught of danger through the safe spaces of literature and illustration which deal with anecdote and myth.

"These artworks attempt to highlight these fears through a safe and comical lens. Juxtaposed with local scenes of our story book city it’s not hard to imagine incredible things happening in this part of the world because they already have. Walking through York’s streets and passageways, our past heritage resonates in the present. Popular with shoppers and scholars alike, high art co-exists with popular culture."

Lincoln’s journey into the surreal and the fantastic began while studying Fine Art at York St John University. After achieving a PGCE in Art, Craft and Design and leading an Art & Design department he now pursues his love for art and the surreal full time, latterly showcasing multiple exhibitions in the centre of York such as Under Siege and more recently Revelation.

He is currently developing a new series of work created on circular oil on board. Following in a similar ilk this work will be showcased this summer.

The Grand Opera House box office is open 90 minutes before all shows. Lincoln's artwork will be on show in the theatre box office until the end of May.