FROM Allders to Woolies; Cox's to Scott the butcher's - these are just some of the York shops that we miss the most.

Readers have been listing the 'lost' shops of York that they miss - and their reasons why.

It follows our recent story about the five "most-missed" shops of York according to social media research.Toys R Us held the number one slot, followed by Woolworths, Mothercare, Blockbuster video and BHS.

But Press readers were only too happy to share the long-gone outlets that they pine for.

And we've put together an A-Z list, naming almost 40 - which ones do you miss?

Readers shared their thoughts on The Press website and our Facebook page as well as in our online nostalgia group, Why We Love York - Memories.

A reader known as "Yorkie Biscuit" posted: "Definitely miss BHS. It was pretty reliable for the basics. Woolies was great but it did go downhill, awful handwritten posters in the window, downmarket look to the place. They didn't do themselves any favours. Used to love a browse round Blockbusters and going home clutching my DVDs and a bag of snacks - felt a bit of an event."

York Press: Cox's in Shambles - a shop much missed Cox's in Shambles - a shop much missed

Halb Heute said: "I miss there being a TK Maxx in town. The variety and ever changing stock made it the only clothes shop worth visiting."

Ian Ramsden said he missed the BHS cheese counter, Parliament Street market, Ken Spelman's, Mulberry Hall, Leak and Thorp, Habitat, The Micklegate Pet shop and Thomson's Grocery on Blossom Street.

Heather Green added she missed Renders Fabrics on High Ousegate and Woolworths.

Joan McBurney gave her list: "Rowntree's Grocers in Pavement in the1960s - I still remember the lovely smells of sacks of coffee beans, bacon and cheeses. Saddlers: Robson & Cooper (Lendal) and Ellerkers (Walmgate) in1970s. Dress shops: Vivienne Smith (Low Ousegate) and Droopy & Brown (Stonegate) in the1970s."

York Press: Long gone - Rhino Records in GoodramgateLong gone - Rhino Records in Goodramgate

Sandie Tanner-Smith posted: "Scott’s butchers... it was fantastic and world famous. Bagatelle - Italian handbags and French silk scarves, on Stonegate. Godfrey's bookshop also on Stonegate and the card shop, was it called Gallery 5? The Book and Record Exchange, Burdekin's Stationers, Robson & Cooper's and Ellerker's for tack."

Amanda Hodgson was one of many readers who stuck up for C&A. "I used to love C & A," she said.

Adam Pug Hayes gave the thumbs up to Red Rhino: "best record shop for miles around."

Here's our reader's A-Z list of the shops they miss the most in York - tell us what's missing!

A to Z of York shops we miss

1. Allders

2. Army & Navy store in Fossgate

3. Bagatelle in Stonegate

4. BHS in Coney Street

5. Borders in Davygate

6. Burdekin Stationers in Parliament Street

7. C&A in Coppergate

8. Cox’s in The Shambles

9. Debenhams

10. Disney Store in Parliament Street

11. Droopy & Browns in Stonegate in 1970s

York Press: Droopy and Browns in StonegateDroopy and Browns in Stonegate

12. Ellerker’s in Walmgate

13. Forever Changes

14. FR Stubbs in Fossgate

15. Habitat in High Ousegate

16. Hamley’s in Coney Street

17. Huxtables

18. John Lewis at Monks Cross

19. Ken Spleman’s

20. Leak and Thorp in Coney Street

21. Liberty in Davygate

22. Micklegate Pet Shop

23. Mr Sandwich in Shambles

24. Mulberry Hall in Stonegate

25. Newitt’s in Goodramgate

26. Precinct

27. Precious toys in Petergate

28. Ratner’s jewellers

29. Red Rhino records

30. Renders Fabrics in High Ousegate

31. Robson and Cooper in Lendal

32. Rowntree’s Grocers in Pavement in 1960s

33. Scott's the butcher’s in Petergate

34. TK Maxx in York

35. Vivienne Smith dress shop in Low Ousegate

36. Wimpy Bar

37. Woolworths in Coney Street

What York shops do you miss? Share your memories - and old photos - in our online nostalgia group, Why We Love York - Memories.