SOME 92 players will compete for 19 trophies at the GMB Union York & District Table Tennis Closed Championship later next week.

The Championship will be held at the York RI Gymnasium from February 4-5, with the largest contingent for many years taking part.

In the Men’s Singles, Martin Lowe (Coneysthorpe), twelve-times champion and holder, is the top seed, with Josh Bramley (York RI) and team-mate Calum Goodwin seeded two and three respectively.

James Atkins (Topspin) is seeded four.

Lowe is also top seed in the Veterans’ Singles, and in the Men’s Doubles with Goodwin, in which Bramley and team-mate Filip Wojtkowiak are seeded second.

In the Ladies’ Singles, the top seed is Mia Longman (Coneysthorpe) with Andrea Potter seeded two.

Longman and Lowe are top seeds in the Mixed doubles.

In the Junior Singles, Bramley and Longman are seeded one and two respectively, while in the Cadets Singles, Longman is seeded one and Isaac Wass is seeded two.

Full seeding:

Men’s Singles: 1 Martin Lowe, 2 Josh Bramley, 3 Calum Goodwin, 4 James Atkins, 5 Filip Wojtkowiak, 6 Mikey Arnold, 7 Joe Wright, 8 Chris Carcamo

Ladies' Singles: 1 Mia Longman, 2 Andrea Potter

Men's Doubles: 1 Calum Goodwin / Martin Lowe, 2 Josh Bramley / Filip Wojtkowiak, 3 James Atkins / Chris Carcamo, 4 Mikey Arnold / Ben Lockyer

Ladies' Doubles: To be confirmed.

Mixed Doubles: 1 Mia Longman / Marin Lowe, 2 Janet Cooper / John Farmery

Junior Singles: 1 Josh Bramley, 2 Mia Longman, 3 Louis Fell, 4 Dylan Pottage
Cadet Singles: 1 Mia Longman, 2 Isaac Wass

Junior Doubles: No seedings.

Veterans' Singles: 1 Martin Lowe, 2 Filip Wojtkowiak, 3 Jon Wooldridge, 4 Richard Crowther

Veterans' Doubles: 1 Martin Lowe / Filip Wojtkowiak, 2 Richard Crowther / Jon Wooldridge

Super-Veterans' Singles: 1 Richard Crowther, 2 Alfie Potter, 3 John Farmery, 4 Dave Quinlan

Over-70s Singles: 1 Jo Suchecki, 2 Terry Nicholson

Division One Singles: 1 Josh Bramley, 2 James Atkins, 3 Filip Wojtkowiak, 4 Mikey Arnold

Division Two Singles: 1 Olly Newton, 2 Stephen Temple, 3 Andy Kirk, 4 Will Beedham

Division Three Singles: 1 Jan Suchecki, 2 Mark Antrobus, 3 Leszek Kozak 4 Terry Nicholson

Division Four Singles: 1 Graham Hood, 2 Joe Hirst

Mixed Plate: No seeding.

Handicap Singles: No seeding.

Handicap Doubles: No seeding.