A TOWN near York has been created virtually on a popular game - allowing users to experience the area in "highly creative" ways.

Selby in Minecraft ‘Block Party 3’ will give gamers the chance to fly through Selby Abbey’s towers, travel up the River Ouse and explore the town's historic streets.

The fun starts with a drop-in family workshop on Wednesday February 15 at Selby Abbey from 10.30am to 3pm.

Older children can explore Selby Abbey in Minecraft in short sessions on laptops, whilst younger ones can learn how to craft their own papercraft Minecraft blocks and play with Lego.

The Selby Minecraft map is being created by professional Minecraft artist and digital noodler Adam Clarke - also known as Youtuber - 'Wizard Keen'.

York Press: Selby Abbey from above in the new Minecraft map of the townSelby Abbey from above in the new Minecraft map of the town (Image: UGC)

Adam said: "We had fantastic fun creating the Selby Minecraft world last year and welcoming people of all ages let their creativity run wild.

"This year is about expanding Selby in Minecraft and working with even more people to create new and exciting adventures. It’s all about the people of Selby creating the worlds that they want to explore.

"We’re also taking inspiration from the fabulous Selby Stories that have been shared with writer in residence, Sarah Butler and the intricate details that have shaped the tiny embroideries of textile artist Serena Partridge.”