A 'RETRO-inspired' shop in York will close on Saturday after more than a decade.

Bowler and Betty, which sells vintage and vintage reproduction style clothing in Fossgate, will be closing on Saturday (January 28) with a final reductions sale.

The shop will now move to online only, and owners Donna Blake and her daughter Nicole will now focus on Nicole's new online jewellery business, Lilith and Selene.

York Press: Bowler and Betty, FossgateBowler and Betty, Fossgate (Image: Emily Horner)

Bowler and Betty originally started as Bowler in 2007, and after Donna bought the business in 2017, she rebranded it as 'Bowler and Betty' to reflect that it stocked both men's and women's clothing.

Nicole previously told The Press: "We had days where we stood in the shop for hours on end where no customers came in.

"Since the cost of living crisis began, people started shopping less and less. We had the same amount of footfall as before, but less money coming through the till.

"Sadly, people tend to take advantage of the fantastical look of the shop and treat us like a tourist attraction - it's just not sustainable.

"Donna has had a number of other business in the past so I was really happy for her to help me with Lilith and Selene as she has a lot of business experience, and join in the fun of sourcing suppliers and creating new designs."

To visit Bowler and Betty online, click here.

To visit Lilith and Selene, click here.