Press readers have spoken out to share their thoughts on Prince Harry and his new book Spare.

It comes as a YouGov survey suggested Prince Harry's popularity had fallen to a new low in the run up to the book's launch on Tuesday, January 10.

Almost two thirds (64 per cent) of respondents said they had a negative view of Prince Harry.

Press readers were asked via Facebook and Twitter whether or not they were going to buy the book - and all but one said they wouldn't bother.

Here is what The Press readers said:

  • "No, will not buy it. Think enough has been said now. Think we have all heard enough. It's sad but we all have our family problems. We try work them out quietly."- Lynda Jones-Paull
  • "No, I think he has credibility issues. The quicker he disappears into private obscurity the better for all, including him and his family." - Adrian
  • "No I’m not. It’s a three part tragedy in slow motion and I will not be part of it all. Not when people are starving freezing and dying." - Liz
  • "I’ve no comment til I’ve read the book and I won’t read it until it turns up at the charity shop, but I probably won’t read it." - Carole Ramsden

In response to the YouGov poll: 

  • "Your usual toadying 'royal well-wisher' crowd kicking off because they don't like him now miss the point entirely. With a monarchy, you're stuck with them whether you like them or not. Your feelings are entirely irrelevant." - Andy C
  • "The truth is often difficult to hear. The royal bubble has been burst and people don’t want to believe it. They prefer the myth. Kids get similarly upset when they find out Santa Claus isn’t real." - Mark Hinman