Not surprisingly, the mere mention of cycling or cyclists has set off the usual ill-informed rants from Mr Usherwood and his cohort.

The latest diatribes (Letters, June 2) seem to be assuming that the World Naked Bike Ride participants are going to be riding on footpaths, through red lights, and hurling abuse at passers by. How ridiculous!

The ride is organised in conjunction with North Yorkshire Police, we are given a police escort through the city, and follow directions given by the officers in charge.

Last year, I worked as police liaison for the ride, and the whole event was wonderfully good-humoured. The only time police had to speak to anyone was to abusive pedestrians and aggressive drivers.

Mr Usherwood, in particular, seems to have a fondness for collective responsibility, the blaming of everyone in a chosen group for the actions of one or a few.

Thus every cyclist is, to him, a law-breaking yobbo. Well, Mr Usherwood, here is a statistic for you. In an average year in the UK, drivers will kill about 80 pedestrians - on the footpath. Cyclists will kill none.

Nobody is asking you to take personal responsibility for that, Mr Usherwood, so remember that for every chav on a stolen mountain bike, there are a hundred grannies going shopping, and kids going to school.

Let me put it another way. The other day I was bumped into by a man in a red shirt. Let's stop this menace by banning red shirts.

Andy Scaife, Naburn, York.